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  • SIATA V240 - V260 & V350

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  • FLECK 5800 - 5810 & 5812

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General Sales Conditions

These general sales conditions will be applicable by HYTEK s.r.l., hereinafter called "seller"

All the sales will be made under the hereinafter shown conditions that the buyer declares to know and to agree with them. All other conditions not included in this list have to be considered not agreed, except if it is approved, by written declaration, by the seller or if it is contemplated by the law.
The sales propositions are not valid if they are not subscribed by the seller or its agent, while the propositions made by the seller and/or agent are subordinated to the acceptation of the legal company representative.
All the offers made by the seller or by its agent have to be considered as "general offers" and not connected to prices and deliveries until the reception of the order confirmation from the seller (art. 1326 cc).

In case of continual contracts, the prices could be updated or increased following the circumstances of the market and that, in such a case, the seller will justify.
All the payments made by the buyer will be recorded following the art. 1193 -2.
In case of delayed payments, the interest will be calculated in reference to the European Directive n. 2011/7/UE (Italian law D.lgs 192/2012 art.2 e art. 5)
The seller could ask for damages especially for devaluation.
When payments are delayed for over 60 days or the debtor reduces the warranties given to the seller or without the warranties promised, the seller will be obliged to issue a draft covering the debt plus the relevant interests as per the first subsection of the present article.
All possible payment deferment must be agreed in writing.
The missing term or expiry will cancel the corresponding benefit and the full sum will be requested plus the interests as above mentioned.

The property of the goods is fixed when and where the goods are delivered as shown in the point 3 of this article.
The delivery terms are only indicative unless otherwise agreed.
In case of force majeure not due to the seller, for example strikes, the seller will not respond for delayed deliveries.
Independently of the transportation means and the cost of them, the place of delivery is the seller's warehouse or, eventually, the customs location or exhibition where the goods could be sent with an appropriate document.
The goods travel at the buyer's risk .
The goods are not insured during the transportation except if otherwise agreed in writing.
Some insurance requested by the buyer will be paid by him and the present clause remains however valid.
The seller is responsible for every delayed delivery if this delay depends on the seller's fault and if this is proved.
The buyer has to do all his best to make the delivery easier.

1. The seller doesn't respond for damages due to some defective products sold or to some missing quality, even if both the buyer or the third party are damaged, directly or indirectly, if the buyer didn't make any control quality within the term shown in the following point 2/b.
2. It is needed by the buyer to check the following :
a) In goods reception and before signing the document to give to the carrier :
1. To check that all the boxes are in conformity with the document that is following the goods
2. To check the packing good condition particularly if there is something that has been tampered or broken and that, in the case of something wrong, to write the reserves in the document and let the driver to sign it. In such a case, the buyer must inform the supplier about this inconvenience. Every possible damages, the carrier will respond for.
b) Not later th an 8 days from the delivery date, the buyer will make some quality control to be executed by official methods or by the ones shown in the technical sheet accompanying the product : it is intended that the goods are not in conformity when the values are different from the ones shown in the product specification and that the buyer declares to have examined and understood the correct utilization of the product.
3. The seller is not responsible for damages due to the bad or wrong utilization of the product.
4. In any case, the contract will not cancelled because of the seller's fault
Subject to some anticipated agreement ( see the following point A), the buyer could send back the goods that would result unused or be ordered by mistake, only to the following conditions :
A. By asking by fax the authorization number, that the buyer must show on the document he send back the goods with .
B. The product must be intact without any break or tampering
C. The transportation cost will be at the buyer's expenses
D. The goods could be sent back not later than 30 days from their reception
On the condition that the buyer will respect all the above mentioned points, the seller will proceed to issue a credit note covering the 75% of the same value as the one when the buyer bought it.
In the case that the seller will result responsible for the wrong dispatch, the goods must be sent back by a carrier chosen by the seller. No different transportation solution will be accepted and the material will be refused, if sent. The seller will not accept material that has been produced on request, that is to say that it doesn't belong to standard productions.

For every possible controversy regarding the execution or the interpretation of the present contract, not friendly agreed, the forum of PARMA will be competent

All the sales are made under the following conditions, that the buyer declares to know and to accept formally. For orders whose amount is lower than 100 euro, the seller will ask for the pre-payment.

The goods are sold ex works loaded in our warehouse located in Riccò di Fornovo Taro – Parma – Italy, except if agreed otherwise.

The prices are in Euro, except if it is agreed otherwise, VAT excluded.

For orders whose amount is lower than 150 euro, the seller will debit the buyer 10 euro as a cost contribution.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective part alone, without any reimbursement. The item under warranty must be sent back following the standard procedure regarding the return of the goods ( see the art.5 ) and it is needed to fill the mod. RMA.
The seller's warranty will cover the product or a part of the product alone and he will not respond for damages to third party. The warranty will be calculated starting from the invoice date.
The seller will not respond for damages due to a bad utilization or maintenance of the product.
The seller will not respond for products that are defective due to a long utilization of them even in normal utilization condition as gaskets, brine valves, pistons, gears, lights and so on.
The seller will not accept any return of goods if they are not sold by him.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective part alone, without any reimbursement. The item under warranty must be sent back following the standard procedure regarding the return of the goods ( see the art.5 ) and it is needed to fill the mod. RMA.
All products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice. The warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of the defective part without additional repayments. The items under warranty must be made according to standard procedures (see General Conditions of Sale ART. 5) and after completing the RMA form. The warranty covers only the seller of the product or part of it and will not be extended in any case when there are damages to third parties. This warranty begins on the date of invoice of the material. They are also not considered under warranty defects caused by negligence, misuse or improper handling of the product. The warranty excludes products worn whose defects are the result of normal wear and tear of the product under normal conditions of use (eg., brine valves, pistons, gears, lights etc). We will not accept returns from different distributors by the seller.


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